Few teachers in the world

Title:Few teachers in the world


Description:The sea is the shore, the mountain is the peak! Young Chu Yue, through the five years of Zhongping, in the mountains of Chuang Tzu heritage, learned peerless martial arts! From then on, famous doctor Hua Tuo, beautiful women from all walks of life, and fierce generals and famous schemers came to us! There are conspiracies, open and secret struggles, ten famous swords, and pride in a narrow senseThere is a great Han dragon collection, which is the origin of the Three Kingdoms Wisdom, blood, tenderness, chivalry, see how Shaoshi Chu Yue in the late Han Dynasty, to shape the Three Kingdoms; different Three Kingdoms, different wonderful, youth positive energy, through the right time, for collection, for flowers, for tickets!

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