Father of the last World

Title:Father of the last World


Description:Once upon a time, Luolan had invincible power in the world of women, endless wealth, endless delicacies, but she had no fertility, such as being struck by lightning! Now, Luo Lan is in the end of the world. She has no invincible power, no endless wealth, and sometimes she can’t even eat. But she is fertile and has a hundredThe flowers are in full bloom! If you ask Luo Lan what’s the happiest, Luo Lan will tell you that it’s not the strong power, the mountain wealth, the delicacy of delicacies, but the countless beautiful men who want to give you monkeys. I’m from the lady. My most important task in the last life is to find a man to give birth to a monkey. Oh, no, it’s to give birth to a baby and make a fist! New books for collection, click, recommendation, all kinds of requests

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