Faqiu Ling

Title:Faqiu Ling

Author:Come back from blood

Description:Liu Quji, the king of Guangchuan in the Western Han Dynasty, was fond of robbing tombs. This brilliant and wonderful vassal King swept away all the tombs in the country, opening up the trend of robbing tombs by bureaucrats and nobles. Under his command, a lieutenant named sun rang was born in a family of tomb robbers. His ancestors worshipped Zhonglang in the Qin Dynasty. He was ranked as the ninth Minister of state. He took orders to send troops to the hills and traveled around the world with the first emperor of QinHe went to the grave to seek the medicine of immortality. At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Dong Zhuo once again carried forward the cause of faqiu, and the tomb robbers began to enter the golden age. Cao Cao changed his official position to general on the basis of making Qiu Zhonglang. He added a commander in charge of stealing money from tombs. As a result, the Han tombs were empty. After that, he moved to fight among the people, and made Qiu YiPulse has always been used by the official, so people always know how to touch gold, not hair hill. What happened between Maojin and faqiu? Why do grave robbers regard Cao Cao as their ancestor

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