Fall in love with you

Title:Fall in love with you


Description:He adopted her, her husband, her brother, her teacher and her friend. When she was totally dependent on him, she was imprisoned and tortured. She thought that was it. The end of the day came. Because of her unique space ability, the whole world is catching her. In order to save her, he is willing to be the enemy of the world and die miserably. Without his protection, she had no choice but to take it with herThe child chose to burn himself. Is it all over? Why did you see him around after you opened your eyes? Since God pity, then this life she wants him to fall in love with her, change their ending! If you think “love you in the end of rebirth” is not bad, please don’t forget to recommend it to your QQ group and friends on Weibooh

Author: miven

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