Fake hero

Title:Fake hero

Author:Seventy two parts

Description:What can a mechanic do, research, refit, and think? What can a mecha fighter do, such as mecha combat, ingenious operation, strange fist and strange move? What can a special scout do, such as going deep into the enemy’s rear, unarmed attack, one move to defeat the enemy, camouflage, sneak and snipe? What can a military staff officer do? War situation deductionAction plan, surprise? A genius who can combine the three professions into one, and even proficient in psychology, deception, and assassin camouflage, he is a timid, obscene and despicable fat man. When this strange guy is forced into a war, what will he do? Will he be a hero or a bear? everybodyIf you think “fake hero” is good, please don’t forget to recommend it to your QQ group and microblog friends!

Author: miven

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