Fake Grand Army division

Title:Fake Grand Army division

Author:Proud old four

Description:Qi Xiaoyu, born again in the autumn of the sixth year of Jianyuan of the Great Han Dynasty, is about to face a big era when the Empire of the Great Han Dynasty is enemies all over the world. If he doesn’t want to live in the world, he can only go against the current and change history! So along the way, there are endless blood of heroes and endless enemies. When we look at it from the beginning, we can’t allow heroes to see the whiteHead! Let’s see how this rebirth demon can fight for a bright future for himself and open a world peace for the great man! Qi Xiaoyu’s two favorite things: lying on the knee of a beauty drunk, teasing others to play; waking up to command the power of a military adviser, teasing others to play. So, it’s a story about a villain playing with a big man after he’s reborn.

Author: miven

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