Fairyland top club

Title:Fairyland top club

Author:Rescued brother Jiang

Description:Su Chunshi wants to break down the barriers and establish his own leading alliance of Xiuxian. He founded a senior private club of Xiuzhen. Only the top group of Xiuzhen bigwigs can participate in the club, and the entrance fee is at least 10 thousand stone. Here, they share the latest news of all kinds of Xiuzhen world and enjoy all kinds of lifeTop service. Auction all kinds of rare animals, natural materials and treasures, peerless immortal method. Their spirit stones are piled up into mountains, and there are groups of thugs. They set up the top fairyland Legion for their use. Here, they dominate the whole Xiuzhen world. Fast refining equipment, the establishment of production lines, all kinds of Lingbao, Xianqi everything. Plant the elixir quickly, use the timeWater plus planting is like Chinese cabbage. Cultivate the spirit beast quickly, and there are many war beasts in groups to frighten the curfew. It’s not a dream. It’s all in the experiment. My name of Donghua emperor is here

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