Eye of heaven

Title:Eye of heaven

Author:Cigarette ends for a walk

Description:Xu Xin, an ordinary city dweller, got a ghost eye because of lightning strike. With the help of his good friend Hu Yu, although he missed death for several times, / / / longtengx., he got the heart of Hongyan. From then on, it’s not so happy to let him go freely! This book is called from the ugly eyes and the weird backIt is composed of 12 parts, such as Xihu, Jiangnan red boat, rat day married girl and Zhongyuan ghost drama. Statement: 1. This story is collected by: / /. Longtengx. It is not based on textual research, exaggeration or inadequacy. If you are an expert, please laugh it off. 2.://.longtenGX. Is a kind-hearted person who accepts all kind and respectful reminders, suggestions and comments. Don’t like the pro, the right corner of the point can be small fork. Introduction is incompetent, please enter the text. Good luck

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