Extreme transformation

Title:Extreme transformation

Author:Shadow Yan

Description:The cold light flows on the cold metal, and the dark eyes flash away in the darkness In the night, the scarlet tail flame cuts the skyline, and a solitary shadow silently looks for the future and dawn indicated by the prophecy. Mechanical genius has been rejected by ice fire Academy for three or four times. Is it just an accident or a conspiracy? In the bloodHidden secret of blue, how does gene achieve immortality? See how the ignorant young mechanic breaks through the dense fog and finds the truth of the final truth. Behind the truth, maybe, it’s just a new beginning. Hatred, faith and hope interwoven by blood and fire! I remember it! Brother, women will betray you,Only cold silent steel will not! If you think extreme transformation is not bad, please don’t forget to recommend it to your QQ group and friends in Weibo!

Author: miven

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