Explore the flower swallow red

Title:Explore the flower swallow red

Author:Flying eagle

Description:After being nearly bombed in the last time, detective Hongyan changed the high-tech equipment, and transferred three capable personnel from Hongyan police academy, Hu Yifei (a sharpshooter who can hit 100 shots without eyes), Huang Fenghong (a computer expert who once supported the national anti black invasion central bank system and made great contributionsLiu Qiaoqiao, who has been engaged in the psychological research of criminals for many years, has helped the criminal police to solve several cases of murder by abnormal murderers. Hua Shentan is sitting in his new work chair with a book about people’s sixth sense written by a foreign psychologistYes, it’s translated now. Hua Shentan cracked 1. Gz / sh — drug cases, homicide cases and corruption cases; 2. HN / DG — anti pornography cases and homicide cases

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