Experience of two souls in different world

Title:Experience of two souls in different world

Author:Eleven wonders

Description:In a car accident, Gong Yi’s parents died, while Gong Yi, who was still in the womb, miraculously survived What he didn’t know was that there was a mysterious mist in his mind before he was born, which made him suffer from medical vision, hypermnesia! And hypermnesia, thoughIt made him grow up quickly, but it also indirectly made him lose his life Xiaju realm is one of the three thousand realms. It is said that the practitioners of Qi are immortal and omnipotent! In a boudoir, Gong Yi, who was already dead Open your eyes again! This lifeBy chance, he found the secret fog in his brain: / / / longtengx. And he also found the magical functions of the fog February update time,

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