Author:The water floats away

Description:Endless stars, endless races, endless adventures and battles. Too many, too many powerful civilizations are self metaphorical Protoss. However, they are just a group of people who master advanced technology or evolutionary means, but they regard the weak race as a pig or a dog. The history of the late Qin Dynasty was changed. It colonized the solar system for 400 years, and then joined the refining systemIn the evolutionary system, Lu Qi was born in the early Tang Dynasty and became a member of the Empire. He is destined to be an extraordinary person, will stand at the peak, and many of his companions proud of those so-called Protoss, tell them, the earth is the strongest Terran! If you think expedition is good, please don’t worryForget to recommend to your friends in QQ group and microblog!

Author: miven

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