Exo walks with you through cold and warm tea

Title:Exo walks with you through cold and warm tea

Author:Gu Ziqing

Description:Mu’an, there is a boy who likes very much….. I like him for ten years… I’ve been with him for ten years…. Segment 1: I feel sleepy watching the boring Korean dramas. I don’t know when they will come back. Suddenly I took a look at a book. She was stunned! Oh, my God! This is not KaiDo you want to take a picture? Ann ran into the room in a hurry, changed her clothes and sent her passport to the airport. Kai happily hugged him, and all the fans screamed. Some people have black faces… Can I ask you a group of people like that girl? What’s good about her? ]MC [she.. Good, good.. He paid a lot for us as well. [I can only say that some people are born to you

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