Exo dotes on Maids

Title:Exo dotes on Maids

Author:Can wheat

Description:Lin Yiwei, a senior agent of a Chinese secret service group, was sent to Korea’s popular tiantuan as a bodyguard because of one mission. In two years, she was more and more inseparable from the 12 boys, but Isn’t she in love with her brother Youyang “Lin Yiwei, I seem to I like you…” Eyes blurred said. “I just like you. What do you want me to do?” There is sadness and deep self mockery in the eyes. “You’ll be back, won’t you?” The man pulled her dress, almost pleading in his eyes. If one person and one well, how do you want me to find you. Time makes you. Time makes youI can’t live in the past.

Author: miven

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