Evolution of the ultimate God

Title:Evolution of the ultimate God

Author:Light cloud and light shadow

Description:”You have to go all over the world and play the villain boss.” “It seems that the villain boss doesn’t come to a good end…” Ming xijue sighed, “I feel that I will be miserable in the future.” “Forget to say that everyone has a passer-by. One of your tasks is to fight them and avoid them damaging the plot.” “Lord, I’m going to strike Crazy Ming Xi Jue. “The Lord is dead, so help yourself.” “You’re lying to ghosts. If you die, what’s the matter with the white light Ah, Lord God, you sent me to the world with brain damage again The system prompt sound is “shield system is off, aura of bawangzhiqiMarisu’s aura is starting to work “Lord God, you’re taking revenge again!”

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