Evil sin

Title:Evil sin

Author:Fish in the rain

Description:The immortals are guilty! A sin of laziness: enjoying aura and being lazy. The second crime is greed: always taking Reiki resources for your own. Three sins of arrogance: self order, heaven’s destiny, looking up to everything. Four sins of jealousy: the attempt to deprive human feelings. Five sins of Fury: regarding human beings as mole ants, but also between personal gratitude and resentmentplunge the people into misery and suffering. Six sins of gluttony: the intake of Lingzi is uncontrolled. Seven crimes and Lust: the law of cauldron is extremely tragic, and it has already been a source of anger and resentment. Special note: this book is sci-fi theme, fairy set as the background. When immortals and Demons fall into the world, when human beings dominate the universe, a revolution begins (new book, new book, new book)Please click the collect button, thank you

Author: miven

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