Eternal world

Title:Eternal world

Author:Miracle monarch

Description:The secular life of the novel is a big dye jar, the Qing Dynasty is self-cleaning, the turbid self sinking, the infinite universe, the life race is like the number of Constant sand. The universe is a very weak one. After 13.8 billion years of the birth of the universe, the universe finally evolved into the final perfect form, the road is not missing, and the law of heaven and earth is perfect! wholeAll the universes have had a crash, all human beings have awakened the special function, the alien species are endless, but the earth human is bound to rise! Like war, like blood, like science fiction, like super strong fight can enter this book, this book is magnificent, the author’s imagination is amazing! Give you an infinite worldWorld! PS: this book is similar to devouring the starry sky and the Star River emperor. I hope you can support it! Novice new book immature, need your care, please collect recommended! Bye

Author: miven

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