Eschatological furnace stone system

Title:Eschatological furnace stone system

Author:Hearth Stone

Description:Hearthstone professional player Xia Li goes through the parallel world and gains hearthstone system. Fight Zerg, destroy mutant beast, soak beautiful angel and devil. Devil, you threaten me. I’ll become a king. Heaven will send Hellfire to drown you. So many people want to kill me, only one of you will survive. Look at meLife is in chaos. The beast king wants to fight with me. The sea giant, the mountain giant, the fusion giant and the bar giant will come to protect us. You’re showing off your mount in front of me. Come out, Deathwing. That’s right. I’m Xiali. I’ll show you a different ending. If you think “the last furnace stone system” is not badPlease don’t forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ group and microblog!

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