Escape from the end of 2013

Title:Escape from the end of 2013

Author:South of the Yangtze River

Description:Yama people predicted that 2012 was the end of the world, but today, after December 21, everything is OK. But on that day, a conspiracy that had been planned for thousands of years by underground human beings slowly came to the surface, and the plan was gradually going on in the dark. December 21 was just the beginning! The end of the world is not naturalDisaster is not the impact of extraterrestrial planets, but occupation is war, it is the war between underground human and ground human! Facing the advanced civilization of mankind, as the son of a geologist, how will he lead his team to defeat the underground human on the earth and finally save the doomsday crisis! The background of doomsdayCity style, martial arts tradition, humorous dialogue, emotional drama, exciting fighting, vast scenes, follow him to take risks together!

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