Enlightenment from the end of life

Title:Enlightenment from the end of life

Author:Inspiration flying

Description:When the doomsday comes, the earth is shrouded in darkness, and the huge monument of darkness falls from the sky, with the monument as the center to form a dark city. The dark battlefield opens, and the whole earth human beings are involved in it. Countless people die, and countless people become strong. The stronger the strong, the weaker the weak. The law of survival is that the strong survive. In this dark chaosXiaohan, a little man, did not give up his nature and lived tenaciously. For the sake of his brother, he wandered between life and death several times. For the sake of his lover, he was angry and depended on life and death. When he led the team to rush through the obstacles and reach the peak, he found that this was just the beginning, a better place than the darkThe battlefield is also a bloody and cruel battlefield of the universe. There are wars among various races in the universe. Countless races disappear in this battlefield, and human beings are just weak races. Facing this dark and boundless world

Author: miven

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