Enchanting song officials

Title:Enchanting song officials

Author:When autumn wind sad painting fan

Description:Jianyan crossed southward, only half of the Song Dynasty. In the 32nd year of Shaoxing, Xiaozong Zhao Min, the most powerful leader of Zhongxing in the history of Southern Song Dynasty, ascended to the throne and made great efforts to govern. The northern expedition of Longxing began slowly under the wheel of history, and the governance of Qianchun began to show its dawn. However, in the Southern Song Dynasty, there was a restored monarch, but there was no northern minister, and there was no Yue Wumu in the court, fanzhongyan, Wang Anshi To the prosperous and prosperous Song Dynasty, is it a song of the beauty kneel of Qin Huai River, or a painting of thousands of ancient times in the great song dynasty? See Song Dynasty officials enchanting. Introduction to the words: This is a girl promotion, and by the way, do something small to ensure that Song Dynasty has nothing to doThe coquettish story that the enemy’s upgrading road is not interrupted by the grassland cavalry.

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