Empire era

Title:Empire era

Author:The passage of time

Description:In the past, we heard that the aircraft carrier dominated the world in the Second World War, and then moved forward. In 2089, the 140th anniversary of the founding of Huaxia state, the world’s fourth industrial revolution era dominated Huaxia state, and the global pattern changed dramatically. The energy crisis hit the world, and the battle for resources became a global unstable factor, the Empire of Great BritainThe conspiracy of the university is hidden in the crisis. Human history is progressing. No matter what happens, it can’t stop people’s steps. A soldier’s words. Sea war, air war and continental war will appear one by one. The aircraft carrier will set sail, the battle for the ocean will return to the sky, the ground-based mecha will set off a smoke of war, and later the threat of human life and deathDown to the fork, is unity or fratricidal, and see “Empire era.”.

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