Emperor Wu Ji

Title:Emperor Wu Ji

Author:The knight of the moon

Description:”Emperor” and “Wu” are the latest products of Skoda. In this age dominated by gods, even if you are so arrogant and become a game master, you can have the same ability in reality. The awakening of the devil’s son, the epic expedition of game hegemony, the king’s presence in the world, unstoppable! Night: I want toThis era has paid a heavy price for its evil deeds. Xuan: Well, Lord demon, I will help you. Jianji? Kimono? Pseudo Zhengtai? spirit? Lori goblin? Sister Qingchun? Miss? Girl friend? All in all, a large number of papers are approaching. Connect the terminal server, connect to the new world,The sense of reality is super first-class. The game of death is coming soon. Take good equipment and enter the game again. It’s a new way to play. It’s beyond your imagination.

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