Emperor Jiuling

Title:Emperor Jiuling

Author:Dream of Hongchen

Description:A demon seed made him have nothing to do with cultivation and was despised by the world! But a piece of Lingyu props up his weak and useless body! The things in the world must be reversed. Do they die in silence or explode in despair? How to define evil and Tao? Who has the right to control all this? Yuan chentian was born with wonderful roots and bones, and none of them led the spiritBody. But because of the magic seeds planted in the purple mansion of Dantian, it was impossible to store aura since childhood, so it was impossible to cultivate. Under the desperate situation, sudden change, death and later. From then on, the abandoned firewood boy ushered in the counter attack journey! “Since I am not allowed, let me use my hands to make a piece of my world!” Cultivation hierarchy: spiritual realm, truthSpirit realm, earth spirit realm, heaven spirit realm, Huajing, Yuanling realm, Jiling realm, Shenling realm, Diling realm, Jiuling Dijun realm

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