Eight shadows

Title:Eight shadows


Description:The fable of the end of the world set off waves again, and the 21-year-old young professor stepped into another world with the mystery of his father’s death. A few mysterious people from different worlds, each with unique skills. Li Xiaoluo, a mysterious girl who is both good and evil, Luo Junsheng, President of a film and television company, and Luo Yiyan, a professional journalist who is good at disguise, are greedyHe blind, a money greedy warlock, Jing Liang, a psychologist with multiple personalities, and an Xiaohan, a silent man. In the sun, they are ordinary people, when the shadow is covered, they are unpredictable. When fables come true. When the talking cat comes into the world. When differentThe secret of time and space converges into a river. The fishy devil’s claw tears the light and covers the darkness. Who can light the light of hope again?

Author: miven

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