Eat me die game

Title:Eat me die game

Author:Food table

Description:Theme song: the world of “eating me” is becoming blurred and no longer clear. The relationship between eating and being eaten is changing at any time. I want to tear you with both hands, and then tear myself Oh, no country ~ Oh, no country ~ the misplaced soul is constantly distorted, and then I am positioned as a dessert for another myself. I am very hungryI want to eat myself. I want to eat myself. My parents are forcing me to die. The sky is shining. Who’s there? I regard my life as a game. The sound of blood flow is harsh. It’s like a groan. Everything I have is like building blocks. If I want to collapse, I’ll push it down without hesitationI bit the index finger, shy smile, a little hard, nervous bring blood, black eyes lose focus, can’t see clearly, I can’t see myself, my world doesn’t need too much

Author: miven

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