Dust of the last days

Title:Dust of the last days

Author:The world is merciless

Description:A young man who struggled to escape from the living dead city experienced many difficulties in order to live. He had controlled the original forest, fought the evil man who lost his humanity, bravely broke through the ghost valley of the soul, saved countless young lives and met the bloodthirsty corpse with them. He was besieged by the corpse for several days, butHe is still human. Willing to fight the ghosts in the world. In the face of humanity, Wu Xiaotian tells the world kindness, friendship and trust with his life. It reveals the ruthlessness of the last world and the intrigue of the world. His life can be described as a good leader. To save millions of people. The dust of the last World Volume IBlood and tears to meet you, Q group 470451368 classic apocalypse, blood shuangwen, worth a look.

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