Dream of the same person

Title:Dream of the same person


Description:Levi McDowell, an English teacher, has a big problem: the spacious and comfortable cabin where he lives is now overcrowded. Let’s not talk about the unexpected call of servant – the dark of gold, but the distant sakaka Lin, who lives in the name of an ally, bought one for twoShe has won her service night and bell fairy. This crowded with all kinds of beautiful girls makes the owner of the hut, Levy’s partner, the vampire real zuiwen extremely dissatisfied. Recently, even the third princess of the galaxy, Meng Meng, has moved in to join the fun. It seems that the solution to this problem has reached the point of no delay howeverThen again, levy has been very busy recently: he has to deal with the enemies in the Holy Grail War, help Evan get rid of the curse, cooperate with Longmen Youxi’s mission, and play occasionally

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