Title:Dream of RUOJIANG

Author:Sheng Shijie

Description:Liu Ruoshi is a kind child. He is Xiaoshi. He is very clever, but there are many complicated things that need to be solved by him. How does a nine year old grow up in different environments? He lost his father, his mother was also in prison, and her only relative, Jiang Jiangjie, was killed on her back. Later, she came hereThe Tang family is scared every day. Finally, he wandered away. A nine-year-old decided to rise up, fortunately came to Yang Yu’s home, started a new journey, but God played a trick on people, Xiaoshi unfortunately suffered from a strange disease. Yang Yu and his wife kept it a secret until Xiao Shi saw his mother for the last time. Small solid beltWith his mother’s body, he came to a small mountain village in his hometown and lived like this. He met a beautiful girl in the village and got married on his last day. Finally, he came to the village

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