Dream ends the wrong way

Title:Dream ends the wrong way


Description:When the book was finished, linwen lamented that he was originally a small role in the world. Unexpectedly, great changes happened and the world was different. Because time and space passed through the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, when the world was in chaos and the people were in dire need of living, he led the defeated army and took advantage of the situation from the mountains in the southwest, then engulfed the southeast and established himself in the world. I thought it would be a different world. Since then, the world has been peacefulIn order to achieve the great transformation of governance, we did not expect that our whereabouts were disordered and improper for a while, and the world fell apart and chaos was rampant. So he tried to put down the rebellion again and take charge of the imperial program again. Just at the time of the world’s final decision, he felt that he had passed away and was disheartened. So I went astray several times and spent my life looking for a beautiful woman. However, the time does not match, after suffering, in the end, a big dreamThe jade died and the people were unable to find out. The vicissitudes of the world, and the ups and downs have been the old deeds. If the world feels this way, they feel the same from their own experience.

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