Dragon’s anger

Title:Dragon’s anger

Author:De Pirlo

Description:This book does not play through, does not play fantasy. The victory of the Anti Japanese war was just a pile of blood and flesh and body of countless martyrs! No one. Du long family is famous, background: / /.Longtengx. secret, little go out to learn skills. In 1935, he was the first killer of the Republic of China, Wang yaqiao. “Blood flow five steps shake the world.”.Because of cynical * *, Du Long grew from a arrogant, cynical young man to a “devil of China” who had let the Japanese wind blow the wind. The only way to kill Japanese pirates is to kill them. Japanese pirates, only slaughter! He killed all over the country for revenge. From Shanghai to Nanjing, from Nanjing to Wuhan….. Make a great reputation. When the devil goes there, he goes there. Where the devil goes, where he goes. Kill! Encounter: / / / longtengx. Kill: / / / longtengx,

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