Doomsday synthesis expert

Title:Doomsday synthesis expert

Author:A partridge of integrity

Description:Chen Ke, a hapless master of game strategy, has an identity template after his live game “zombie besieged city” was electrocuted! A system that can add all kinds of identity points! Chef order 1, you have the ability to synthesize coke and mentos mint gum into bombs. Welder 3, numberControl point 4, you can use the treadmill, motor and a zombie to complete the Jiba perpetual motion machine. Hacker point 5, CNC point 5, Congratulations, you have the ability to combine Google glasses and scanners into Longzhu combat effectiveness detection glasses When the spore fog filled, the surrounding environment and climate began to changeWhile others are still at a loss for the rapid deterioration of human living environment, Chen Ke has gone to the top with his best equipment.

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