Doomsday sword TACA storm

Title:Doomsday sword TACA storm

Author:Youth makes heroes

Description:The turret Kingdom plan of the turret demons has spread all over the universe. The emperor level evolutors produced by human beings are the best supplements for these demons. The earth has become the last link of the turret Kingdom plan, and seven billion human beings are about to become a good meal for demons. At the end of the world, zombies are rampant, fierce animals are rampant, scientific and technological civilization collapses, and card civilization covers the worldThe world. The inheritance cards of 108 turret heroes are the basis of human evolution. Earth shaking: / / / longtengx. Bull, tide hunter, phantom assassin, demon wizard, Dragon Knight, shadow demon Lei: Hammer of / /. Longtengx. Scattered night to sword. Dejection. Scarlett’s eyeXiwa’s guardian, butterfly, cannon A ruffian issued a roar: you wait for the turret demons, I will save the world in the name of the late stage! (d

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