Doomsday suspense

Title:Doomsday suspense

Author:First class Wang Jue

Description:Yi Haibin is a world famous Chinese American scientist. In 2045, he and the us-2040 R & D team led by him, after five years of hard work, finally successfully built the unique us-2040 (also known as black angel) all space UAV in the world. However, at one time by the United StatesDuring the operation Black Angel secretly deployed by the Secretary of defense, the us-2040 UAV operating system was suddenly attacked by unknown hackers. It was not only remotely controlled, but also flew over Las Vegas, the largest city in Nevada near area 51, threatening US President Robert, who had just taken office, and demanding that the US general aviation authority should be established in the USI’ll see you in the office alone. After much consideration, Robert agreed to the hacker’s request. However, when the hacker arrived at the president’s office, he died suddenly. Then, US-20

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