Doomsday soldier

Title:Doomsday soldier

Author:Brother pineapple

Description:The sky collapses, the earth collapses, the tsunami, the disaster sweeps across the earth, when the end comes, all people are so helpless It is not only current events that create heroes, but also heroes that create an era! Li Baoqiang, a retired special operations team member, accidentally rescued a group of victims after the great changes. But what should they do in the future? It’s miserable hereIn the fierce world, Li Baoqiang not only led the people to meet their survival needs, but also helped those in need, and his team gradually grew. Disaster is not terrible. What’s terrible is to lose the so-called human faith and the desire to survive. In the face of disaster, even if not strong, but also have to face, since has lost everythingThen build a new empire with faith! I believe everyone will become the protagonist of the world.

Author: miven

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