Doomsday: return to 2018

Title:Doomsday: return to 2018


Description:When the world is busy in this society, the earth has already been gradually eroded by unknown viruses, and then the whole world erupts. When human beings are no longer human beings, the animals and plants that used to eat are now going to hunt human beings in turn. Does she want to continue the outcome of her previous life. Copywriter is scum, female client is Xiao ZaiIn the first two years of the coming of the last day, the once peaceful talisman changed. It raised money, hoarded huge grain, practiced Taoism, and only wanted to be stable for a lifetime. The female master is not the virgin but the white lotus. She is cold-blooded. I believe Li Jiu should not be cheated by the copywriter. The article is wonderful. Welcome to the pit.

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