Doomsday psychic frenzy

Title:Doomsday psychic frenzy

Author:Little zero paint

Description:The sudden arrival of the cosmic storm, accompanied by the mysterious particles into the earth, a crazy era of evolution and mutation. Zombies, a species with super resilience, have mutated into countless kinds of bloodthirsty monsters. Zombies, a species of amazing defense, spread all over the body covered with thick scales, it will be the most beautifulThere are many kinds of defenses, such as golden armor, silver armor, blue eyes and purple pupil. Each of them can pull out mountains and rivers, walk in every corner, and be ready to devour fresh flesh and blood at any time. Strange changes have taken place in animals, plants, the earth and the sea. There is no peace anywhere, and it is full of traps and killersPlunder and death, the earth is like a holy land to kill plunder. Each species is like breaking away from the bundle of Bo, evolved into a variety of hunters, in this holy land to hunt

Author: miven

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