Doomsday plane system

Title:Doomsday plane system

Author:Net 3 first ad

Description:Because the ectopic plane opens the channel between the ectopic plane and the earth’s plane, the aura of heaven and earth flows into the earth. Bring unimaginable disaster to the earth. The end of the world is coming. The war between planes! The weak do not have the ability to survive, zombies, other animals, and the strong on the other side. Human beings are kicked off the top of the food chain and killedLost and exotic animals are hunted as food. Killed by creatures on the ectopic side. Fortunately, Guan Cheng got the mysterious plane system of origin before the doomsday, which involved one secret after another. Let’s see how he struggled, survived and rose in the doomsday. In this article, there are brothers fighting side by side, and there are beauties of life and deathAccording to, who said that the villain must be mentally disabled? Who says the opponent will be ravaged by the protagonist? For more highlights, please pay attention to the doomsday plane system

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