Doomsday order

Title:Doomsday order

Author:Admire the green and the feather

Description:After returning to life, Shu Yao was forced to be bound by an alien who was carrying her previous love’s skin bag before he could become stronger. After death, as a rigorous soldier, curidos is willing to accept the legacy of Shen Yan, the original owner, as a lifelong task. Shuyao said: I don’t need your protection. Shenyandao: you are mineResponsibility. Her feelings are ice and fire. His feelings are love and hate. On one bar, it’s like a duel between two martial arts masters. It’s frightening. “It’s very popular,” he said She was enchanted with a smile: “jealous?” All of a sudden, ice thousands of miles, the scene of a covered eyes of the people in tearsIn the heart wails: elder sister-in-law, is does not touch the eldest brother’s group attack skill! ———————————————————————————————————

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