Doomsday magic card

Title:Doomsday magic card

Author:Bathing in the sun

Description:On the earth, the unknown virus leads to the end. After seven decades of efforts, human beings unite to establish a Commonwealth of human beings and build a huge human city, which is also the only human city on the earth. With a firm foothold on the earth and the top technology of the last civilization, human beings have developed spaceTransmission technology. But because the number of human beings is not enough, it needs more powerful human soldiers and population to regain the domination of the earth. In addition, all planets with intelligent life in the present universe are infected by this virus. The Federation of the United Nations and the hunter’s Guild provide support to all planets in the universe, investigating the source of the virus, andSave other life in the universe, let these people come to the earth and become the residents of the earth. A conspiracy involving the whole civilized country of the universe gradually surfaced. If you guys

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