Doomsday immortal intelligence officer

Title:Doomsday immortal intelligence officer

Author:Azure in the dark

Description:In 2137, Zhao Xiran: / /. Longtengx. The white mouse, who was experimenting with wormhole crossing, entered the realm of cultivating immortals and became a special intelligence agent crossing wormhole! Crossing the world of cultivating immortals, the power awakens. It’s very good and powerful! In the 22nd century, Zhao Xiran was destined to be cannon fodder; he crossed the world of cultivating immortals and became an intelligence agent,When the cook when the procuress, the day mixed up! Zhao Xiran is very satisfied, of course, if there is only a man, it would be better! So, a Gao Fu Shuai came to Xiuxian world. Well, it’s still Gao Leng!

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