Doomsday evolution I am doomsday

Title:Doomsday evolution I am doomsday

Author:Killer shadow kill

Description:The protagonist is reborn, but he doesn’t know it! After 24 years of ordinary earth people’s life, suddenly one day, the sun disappeared, nine stars appeared in the sky. When the light once again illuminated the earth, the whole earth became so strange. (as time goes on, the protagonist finds outThe reason for the end of the earth! Also understand the magic of this planet called earth under your feet! But also solved all the myths and unsolved mysteries on the earth before! But these are just the tip of the iceberg for the protagonist who has slowly recovered his memory of the past life. When the so-called end of the earth is over, the final end of the protagonist’s directing is just beginningIt’s just the beginning!) (no stallion, there are several beautiful women who share life and death; no Madonna, no ruthlessness, very rational; no dog blood, no exaggeration, not smooth, the plot is ups and downs; dig

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