Doomsday bimont

Title:Doomsday bimont

Author:Bow length

Description:Summer 2016, the end of the world! Delayed global destruction! The great movement machine of the earth is completely paralyzed, and bloody killing sweeps the whole world. All things are frightened, and there is no one alive! Zombies, mutants and cannibals make the survivors even worse. There is no hope! Some people are aliveBut already dead! Perhaps the creator pity, but some human beings have evolved, no novel powers and magic! They become tall and majestic, the appearance is no longer human! These people are called Lord bimon by the survivors! The careerists with twisted mind but evolutionary body make the broken world darker… Zhang Dao, graduated from a third rate computer college in the provincial capital, wasted 4-5 years in the society, one of the ordinary! He survived at the end of the day, and then his fate was determined by the end of the day

Author: miven

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