Divine genius

Title:Divine genius

Author:Smile without words

Description:A young man who lives by picking up rags when he is a child is suffering from other people’s eyes and ridicule, but few people know that he is in fact an unimaginable genius! ——He inadvertently got a computer, so the basic pattern of the computer industry was changed, the whole hacker world because of him and turned up a huge wave! —- he painted two paintings, called “the smile of the Mona Lisa sisters”, which were all recognized by the world’s famous painting appraisal agencies as Da Vinci’s hands! ——He has created four song albums, once released, it is known as “the classic masterpiece that cannot be surpassed”! He is also known as “magic sound” by fans all over the worldThe emperor! ——He is fengxiaotian, a man called “God” by all people!

Author: miven

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