Dimensional invasion

Title:Dimensional invasion

Author:Cup with King g magic sky

Description:The game, animation and other dimensional world suddenly collapsed. The hero, the male dragon set and other characters all turned into zombies and poured into reality. Even the monsters and bosses in the dimensional world, such as witch, shrem, goblin, werewolf, and white speed dragon, also entered the reality one after another and came to the end. As a brigadier general of the FFF regiment, EastFang Ming said the time has come for the trial. When Ma, Lidou, Jiong Xu, hyenas and other major male owners in the animation world are burned one after another, not only that, but also the game characters such as Lloyd, Lyon, Galen and Timo in the game world are attacked by fireball. Dongfang Ming’s quotation: the winner of life must dieļ¼ My sister is mine! Finally, Dongfang Ming rode on his sister’s delicate body and said innocently: no way, I upgrade in a different way. PS: send to the collector and recommender for collection

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