Dimensional city

Title:Dimensional city

Author:Empty dream

Description:In the hypothetical City, due to the openness and overuse of powers, the dimensions here are extremely unstable and often connected with the second dimension world, which makes the second dimension characters cross over. “What a trouble…” When Ling Han thought of his powers, he had a headache. Although this is a city full of powers,But not everyone has powers, such as Ling Han. But even if there is no power, you can also get some ability by making a contract with people or things in the second dimension. Hanxuan’s contract is troublesome. Every time he uses his ability, he forgets something “So that’s why you forgot to have a date with meWhy are you still with other girls? ” Heinai stares at him angrily. “About this, I don’t want to…” Ling Han forced to explain with a bitter smile. ps:

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