Dimensional chat group

Title:Dimensional chat group


Description:The first group is chuyin future. Then chuyin future invited xunliuge, jingyinling and luotianyi. Chen Yu thought that the members of the group were heavy ACG powder. After clicking on the address of the message sent by the new member, Nan Niao, Chen Yu realized that all the members of his group were real! Other people’s system self-contained perfect function is as big as the origin of world structure, and my family’s system self-contained perfect function is as small as the details of mobile phone power. People’s system brings three guarantees (including food, housing and wealth), while my system brings three non guarantees (not including food, housing and wealth). There is such a big gap between people. Why is the system different from othersThe gap between systems is also so big! Penguins: active! Otaku!)

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