Diary of doomsday cat

Title:Diary of doomsday cat

Author:Doomsday cat

Description:Before I was 20 years old, I fell into reincarnation. After five deaths, I found them. Three people in my soul, I awakened them with my life, inherited my memory and continued to live instead of me. After I was 20 years old, I started a company. I went to the world to look for people whose heirs were cursed with blood,I call them abnormal people. I started along a broken memory, looking for the holder of the lineage. What’s the purpose? To get them out of the pain of eternity. Damned people will die and those who should live will live. I am not a person who spreads positive energy. Everything is reality. I will record all this in my diary, and I willMy everything, without reservation. By the way, it’s not science fiction. The technology in it is real.

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