Devil shackles

Title:Devil shackles

Author:Mo Luan and

Description:Three years before the end of the day, a series of dark wormholes suddenly appeared, blocking the earth like shackles. The devil’s game starts, and 10000 people are sent to the end of the earth three years later. Kill, survive, evolve Li canghuang, a retired special forces soldier, wakes up in a huge ancient Colosseum,Countless statues of demons stand around, surrounded by people with faces full of unknown and fear, including Asians, Europeans and Americans Ten thousand in all. It’s a terrible space called. It’s an evolutionary path from ordinary people to demons. Here, survival of the fittest, failure is death. OfThe mission is to shuttle to the end of the earth three years later and complete the announced mission. Those who complete the mission will enjoy the mission reward The loser kills! If you think that “evil”

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