Detective Ma Xiaoling

Title:Detective Ma Xiaoling

Author:Hidden star

Description:Most of the time in the world, people are fighting for what they want, but they don’t know that there are many opportunities behind desire. These opportunities are often born because of desire, forcing themselves into a hopeless situation. A story about the darkness, evil and hatred in the world is unfolded, which leads to a series of murdersWhat is the hatred and mystery behind it? Is it the cruel nature of the people who plan to commit crimes in order to make a mistake, or do they have their own difficulties? Encounter incredible plan, unknowingly into the dark, forcing themselves into a desperate situation, to the end of their lives, they are innocent or deserved.A clever and clear-cut goddess detective will solve a series of tortuous and bizarre cases and solve a set of delicate and ingenious techniques, but she does not know that in her life, she will find a way to solve them

Author: miven

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